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Lord of the Rings Online update 11 launches May 13 with five new areas, housing updates

The Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine will release Update 11, "Treachery of the White Hand," on May 13, the studio announced today.

The content update adds five new areas in the remote region of Wildermore — Writhendowns, The Fallows, Whitshaws, High Knolls and Balewood — to the six-year-old MMO. You can see them all in the 18 screenshots above.

Wildermore, an area in eastern Rohan, has been struck by an unnaturally harsh winter that is rumored to be caused by a Stone Giant under the control of Saruman. It's up to you to find the truth and rid the realm of evil. The Wildermore quest pack is free for VIP members of Lord of the Rings Online.

Update 11 also includes some changes to the game's housing setup: owners of houses that have been locked for more than 180 days will receive foreclosure notices, and items stored within will be put into escrow. Turbine is also improving mounted combat with class-specific skills, and giving players a new Silver Hobbit Present every day they log in to the game.

The previous update, "Against the Shadow, Part 2," was released in early March.

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