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Alice: Otherlands developer wants 'world's best Alice cosplayer' for Kickstarter video

Spicy Horse Games, developer of Alice: Madness Returns, is looking for a cosplayer resembling Alice to star in an upcoming Kickstarter video for the proposed sequel Alice: Otherlands, according to a press release from the company.

Aspiring Alices need to email a single image showing themselves dressed as Alice "preferably in her 'classic' blue and white dress," to Spicy Horse by May 20. The winner will need a passport to travel to Shanghai, China, where Spicy Horse is headquartered, for the video shoot in June.

Spicy Horse is currently negotiating for the rights to the next Alice game, and points out that the "contest in no way guarantees that Alice: Otherlands will enter production or succeed in its planned Kickstarter campaign as negotiations may still stall or fall through."

Late last year, BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games announced that it hired a cosplayer to portray the game's character Elizabeth in live action commercials.