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BattleBlock Theater to feature unlockable prisoner Toast for two weeks

BattleBlock Theater players will be able to unlock a special prisoner named Toast by completing the latest Furrbottom's Features playlist, The Behemoth announced via its website.

Players must finish either the solo or co-op challenges within the next two weeks to get their hands on Toast. Furrbottom's Features, which showcases user-generated levels, currently includes SSB Adventure 1 from scottie1230 and Factory 1o2 from Konster Monster. Players can access either level from the features menu.

Toast is the latest prisoner to join the game's unlockables. Previous characters have included Behemoth Chicken, Winston, Donuts and Furrbottom, all of which have been locked back up after their allotted time. According to The Behemoth's post, players will have another chance to grab these characters in the future.

BattleBlock Theater launched April 3 for Xbox Live Arcade. You can read our review here.

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