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Mega Man NES mod is fully functional, made entirely by hand

An artist and retro gamer who goes by the name PlatinumFungi created a fully functioning, Mega Man-styled NES mod entirely by hand, according to a post on his site.

PlatinumFungi tackled the project in honor of Mega Man's 25th anniversary. The mod was created by "cutting, filing, sanding, wiring [and] soldering," PlatinumFungi wrote, and everything created with hand tools.

"No professional cutting, etching, or other machines were used," PlatinumFungi wrote. "I lost track of how many hours went into this weeks ago — it was truly a labor of love."

The system's paint job was completed by Custom NES Guy, and PlatinumFungi topped the NES off with custom decals. You can check out more photos and read up on his process here.

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