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World of Darkness launch is still years away, details being kept to a minimum

World of Darkness, Eve Online creator CCP's vampiric MMO is still years away from launch and being kept tightly under wraps, according The Penny Arcade Report.

The publication recently spoke with executive producer Chris McDonough, who said that the team is making "sure this is a next-generation MMO" and that the team has made "fantastic progress" in the last year.

"It's very focused on movement and motion and capturing what it's like to be a vampire," McDonough said. "People ask about our high level designs for World of Darkness, and we've called this a vampire simulator. What's it like to be a vampire. Not a super hero, but a super-powered individual. The way the characters move around the city feels very vampiric."

McDonough added that part of his job was to "minimize the PR."

"I don't want to do press for three years, I don't want to be Duke Nukem," McDonough said. "I don't want to be that product. That's not us, it's a different process."

World of Darkness, announced in 2006, was recently shown during this year's Eve Fanfest. Few details have been released on the game so far. CCP currently has a team of at least 70 working on the title and plans to include web-based social tools and player-versus-environment systems.

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