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Karateka Soundtrack Bundle headed to PSN May 7 with game, soundtrack and discount

Karateka, the recent rhythmic remake of Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner's karate game, is headed to PlayStation Network tomorrow, May 7, bundled with the game's soundtrack as the Karateka Soundtrack Bundle, according to the developer.

The $7.99 bundle includes the soundtrack from Christopher Tin, composer of games like Civilization 4, whose composition "Baba Yetu" won a Grammy for "Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists" in 2011, and films like X2. Karateka will still be available solo on PSN and Steam for $9.99, on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points and in the iOS App Store for $2.99.

For more on the remake of Mechner's first game, be sure to check out Polygon's interview with its creator.

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