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Phosphor Games explains its decision to end Project Awakened funding

Project Awakened's end to its private funding endeavor was a combination of insufficient contributors and the need to begin new projects, Phosphor Games CEO Justin Corcoran told Polygon via email.

The company recently announced that it would put its funding for the open-world superhero action title on hold immediately and that all backers would receive full refunds. The post added that "alternative funding options" had been presented and that the game would eventually be completed. Corcoran told Polygon that that after the project's ill-fated Kickstarter, the private campaign was a "response to a lot of requests to try a plan B."

"But, we said at the start that we only had until the beginning of May to decide to either put a team on Project Awakened if it was funded, or something else that would provide revenue for the studio," Corcoran said via email. "We were winding down on the private campaign and not looking close to making it, the decision had to be made to get people working on other stuff that was waiting, and the alternative funding discussions were going to need a long time to see through. So, with all that combined, we decided to close down the campaign and get everyone back their money."

"Someday, somehow, we will make this game."

Corcoran added that though the team did not reach its ultimate goal of crowdfunding Project Awakened, both campaigns resulted in something positive.

"We have thousands of people that are supporting Project Awakened, excited for it to come out some day," Corcoran said. "We have had a number of potential investor come forward to start the conversation about possibly backing development. These conversations are most often long, and never a guarantee, but it's great that the community response has helped shine light on the game to even make it a possibility."

Additionally, the team received a great deal of feedback on what players wanted or expected from the title. The team will use these suggestions to build upon the game in the future.

"That is the core of Project Awakened — Phosphor wants to make something amazing with the community, an action game experience like nothing before it," Corcoran said. "These past few months have already started us down that path with the players, and while we are a bit beat up, we are not defeated. Someday, somehow, we will make this game."

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