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Cello Fortress trailer shows off how to control the game through music

A new trailer for the cello-based multiplayer title Cello Fortress offers a clearer look at how real-world instrumentation is used to control elements in the game.

The game was first officially revealed in January by game designer Joost van Dongen, who is best known as co-founder of Awesomenauts studio Ronimo Games, following a tour of the game at live events.

As described in the video, up to four players can compete against a live cellist who uses the instrument to combat his opponents. Slow, high notes played on the cello will activate long-range cannons, slow chords activate homing missiles, dissonant chords activate flame throwers, fast, high notes activate machine guns, while fast chords activate double machine guns. "Special melodies" will obliterate one half of the screen, while slow and low notes create mines across the battlefield and fast low notes create homing mines.

Cello Fortress is currently in beta and graphics shown are only prototypes. As of now there are no plans for any commercial release of the game.

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