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Former NIS America employees form indie publisher Acttil

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Former employees from publisher Nippon Ichi Software's North American branch have formed a new indie studio, Acttil, the fledgling company announced today.

Los Angeles-based Acttil plans to publish video games for consoles, PC, mobile devices and web platforms, as well as other types of digital content including ebooks. According to a press statement, the company "will focus on bringing fun, creative games and digital contents" that are "adventurous and unique, sure to make everyone smile."

Acttil will also help guide indie studios through development, offering assistance with marketing, analytics, monetization and promotional planning. The publisher will also provide localization services for non-English titles, including translations, editing and box and advertisement design.

The new company was founded by former NIS America vice president of production Hiroko Kanazashi, vice president of marketing Nao Miyazawa and producer Jack Niida.

"We are optimistic with the current digital content environment," said Niida in a statement. "It is quite promising for independent developers and we would love to work closely with them and help achieve their goals."