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Meet Fuse's ragtag team of hired guns in the demo today

The latest trailer for Insomniac Games' Fuse tells the story from the perspective of the game's four protagonists, all of whom are playable in the game's demo, which is now available on Xbox Live and will be released on PlayStation Network later today.

The team, known as Overstrike 9, has to hunt down Raven, a rogue paramilitary corporation, and prevent Raven from using the Fuse technology to take over the world. You can check out some gameplay from the middle of the game in the Fuse demo, which supports both online and split-screen co-op.

Fuse launches May 28 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For more on Insomniac's philosophies behind the development of Fuse, check out our recent interview with studio head Ted Price.

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