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Ben There, Dan That creators introduce simian deathmatches in Gun Monkeys

Indie studio Size Five has announced its newest game, Gun Monkeys, with a reveal trailer.

The invention of time travel technology makes it possible for individuals to found their own energy companies by sending monkeys into the post-apocalyptic future to retrieve abundant energy left over after the fall of mankind. However, other energy seekers are doing the same thing, and rival monkeys must do battle for the energy cubes.

Gun Monkeys sees apes battling with a variety of weapons like laser guns and rocket launchers in deathmatches on procedurally generated maps. Creator Dan Marshall said on Twitter that while the title was only planned for release on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs at the moment, Size Five would not rule out possible console or tablet versions "if they're possible/appropriate."

In 2011, Size Five's sex education game Privates was nominated for a BAFTA award.

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