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Guild Wars 2 The Secret of Southsun update arrives May 14

Guild Wars 2's latest episodic content update, The Secret of Southsun, will launch May 14, ArenaNet announced via press release.

The update will expand the game's "Living Story," episodic content that introduces new characters and plot points, as well as add several new features. Players will be able to try their hand at a new instanced crab toss mini-game where they can earn points by outlasting karka attacks and capturing hermit crabs. The Secret of Southsun will also feature new missions at the Southsun Cove and World vs. World traps and rewards.

Check out the screenshots above for a look at the game's content, or read the full update here. ArenaNet recently released Guild Wars 2 Retribution, the final chapter in the Flame and Frost series that added new dungeons, missions, weapons and more.