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Star Wars: The Old Republic patches dated, 2.1 due next week

Star Wars: The Old Republic will receive two updates that will feature "customization and convenience features" May 14 and June 11, community manager Eric Musco announced on the game's forums.

The announcement comes as a way to address concerns of how much players will receive in the update, Musco writes. Game Update 2.2 will not feature new Cartel Market features, but both updates will fix bugs and add general improvements.

"I think the core of some of your frustrations is that you feel like Game Update 2.1 is 'eating up a slot' for our regular content cadence, and because of that, you won't actually be receiving any new content in this 'cycle,'" Musco wrote.

"If you are keeping track and we hit those dates, Game Update 2.2 will be releasing eight weeks and two days from the time we released Rise of the Hutt Cartel (so basically around our eight week cadence that is often referenced). What that means is that even though I can't yet tell you what is in Game Update 2.2, you are getting two game updates within that period."

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Rise of the Hutt Cartel launched as the game's first expansion in April. It's available exclusively for Windows PC. According to Electronic Arts president of labels Frank Gibeau, Star Wars: The Old Republic has more than doubled its monthly average revenue since going free-to-play last July.