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Disney already planning first new titles in EA Star Wars agreement

Disney is already planning the first new titles to be developed as part of its recently announced multi-year licensing agreement with EA, senior executive VP and CFO of Disney Jay Rasulo during today's Disney Q2 financial earnings results.

Disney remained mum on what these titles will entail. The studio will retain the rights to develop new mobile and online titles in the Star Wars universe, however, said Rasulo reiterating a statement made previously by the company.

He added that while financial earnings results for Disney's interactive sector improved thanks to an increase in sales in the Japanese mobile sector, there is an expected operating loss for Q3 due to the shifting of the release window for Disney Infinity from Q3 to Q4 2013.

Speaking on the topic, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated the company "believe in Infinity" but emphasized Disney does not expect to break even this year in that division due to the upcoming title being pushed back to August, outside of the initially planned fiscal quarter. Had the game not been pushed back, Iger says breaking even in 2013 would have been "very doable."

Yesterday, Disney announced an exclusive agreement with EA to publish Star Wars games developed by Visceral Games, DICE and BioWare. This agreement covers games that are aimed at core gamers on all platforms while Disney will retain the rights to casual and social titles within the Star Wars universe.