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MechWarrior Online trailer introduces 85-ton stalker mech, Misery

Piranha Games released a new trailer for MechWarrior Online that shows off the game's 85-ton stalker Mech, Misery, available in the game's latest udpate.

Misery is armed with four medium lasers, an SRM-6, a large laser and a Gauss rifle. The mech can move at up to 48.6 kph. You can watch the video above to see it in action.

MechWarrior Online's latest update also grants players the ability to customize a Hero Mech's color and introduces four new trial mechs: JR7-F(C), the Hunchback HBK-4G, the JagerMech JM6-S and the Highlander HGN-732. All four mechs can be tested out now in-game.

MechWarrior Online added its first Champion mech last month. Polygon spoke with Piranha Games president and cofounder Russ Bullock at GDC 2013 about the game's departure from its open beta, which you can read here.

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