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The Stomping Land, the multiplayer survival game set on a dinosaur-populated island

A multiplayer survival game, where players must hunt smaller dinosaurs whilst evading giant carnivores, is in development for Windows PC.

The Stomping Land's goal is not starve or get eaten, and ultimately become the dominant tribe on the dinosaur-infested island.

As described in the video above, players can kill small dinosaurs with their bow, but larger dinosaurs are unaffected by the weapon, so players must discover other means to topple them. As carnivores are attracted by the smell of blood, hunters have to work fast to gather meat and buy time by creating traps to slow the bigger creatures down.

By gathering resources from the environment, hunters will also be to craft tools like traps, weapons, lasso, vaulting pole and even a pterodactyl wingsuit to help them hunt and survive.

Players can also create campsites together, which are primarily used to store meat. The more food stored will unlock abilities for the group, such as tools that will allow players to kill "a T-rex or other larger dinosaurs." However, these campsites are also vulnerable to attack, sabotage and raids from other tribes.

The Stomping Land's lead developer, Alex Fundora, who previously worked on Dungeon Defenders and Skyrim as an animator, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the game's development. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $17,905 of its $20,000 funding goal with 29 days to go.

The Stomping Land is currently scheduled for release in March, 2014 for Windows PC.