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Warner Bros. acquires rights for Dungeons & Dragons film

Warner Bros. has secured the rights to begin production on a film based on the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Deadline reports.

The studio is already far along in its development, using a script written by Wrath of the Titans screenwriter David Leslie Johnson. The current screenplay, called Chainmail, is based loosely on a game by D&D designer Gary Gygax developed prior to the creation of the later well-known fantasy game; however, the script is being reworked to fit the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

In the wake of successful fantasy franchises like Game of Thrones, Warner Bros. is considering the development of Dungeons & Dragons a priority and is in the process of reaching out to filmmakers.

The new film is produced by Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon. Lee is currently producer for the upcoming Lego Movie, while Solomon may sound more familiar he previously directed and produced the Jeremy Irons-starring Dungeons & Dragons film from 2000. Yes, that one.

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