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American McGee's Spicy Horse developing new Oz game

American McGee's Spicy Horse studio is working on a new title based on The Wizard of Oz; however, it's not McGee's supposedly cancelled 2004 title, Spicy Horse community manager Kelly Heckman told Joystiq.

The new title is still in early development early enough that the studio hasn't decided what genre the title will be fitted to. The game will, however, be a cross-platform title for tablets and PC, Mac and Linux.

"This is not, in any way, shape or form the title from 2004," said Heckman. Heckman adds that the game will be based on the entire Oz series, itself made up of 14 titles.

Spicy Horse is currently developing two Kickstarter campaigns, one of which is for the upcoming Oz title while the other is for the previously announced Alice: Otherlands. Which project goes live will depend on publisher Electronic Arts, the license-holders of Alice, says Heckman.

McGee allegedly began development of a Wizard of Oz title a decade ago, producing action figures and concept art in tow. The game was then canceled by publisher Atari in 2004.

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