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Gran Turismo site teases announcement for next week

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Sony will provide more details on the future of the Gran Turismo racing franchise next week at an event to commemorate the series' 15th anniversary, according to an update to the game's official website.

The event will take place on Wednesday, May 15 in Northamptonshire in the U.K. at the Silverstone Circuit raceway. Series designer and producer Kazunori Yamauchi will be in attendance at the event to "provide an update on the future of the Gran Turismo game," according to the site.

"The Gran Turismo franchise continues to be extremely important to PlayStation," said Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan in a statement on the site. "We felt that 15 years of GT was an event worth celebrating along with our colleagues from the Americas, Asia and Japan. We are very grateful to our manufacturer partners for helping us to bring together a fantastic event. As well as experiencing the development of the game and comparing the virtual and real, it will be a pleasure to see Yamauchi-san and hear what's next for Gran Turismo."

Also in attendance at the event will be five champions of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy, a development program that trains the top worldwide Gran Turismo players to become real racecar drivers. These drivers, the "Nismo Athletes," will show off their skills by driving several high-speed laps around the Silverstone circuit.

According to the site, the event will be supported by a dozen automobile manufacturers including Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, KTM, Lamborghini, McLaren Automotive, Mercedes Benz and Toyota. Cars from these companies will be on display and on the track at the event.

Over the past few months, listings for Gran Turismo 6 have appeared on several online retailer websites, including Newegg where, it is listed for PlayStation 3. Italian website also posted a listing for the title with a release date of Nov. 28. Developer Polyphony Digital confirmed the title would launch on PS3 earlier this year.

A teaser video for the event ends with a display of the series' logo, with a flashing cursor counting up to 5 before ending on an underscore. Check it out below.