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Watch 3,000 Eve Online ships swarm a Nyx Supercarrier

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CCP's massively multiplayer online game Eve Online reached its decade anniversary this year, and to celebrate more than 3,000 players took to space to engage in all-out combat.

The player-planned event, Flight of a Thousand Rifters III, challenged participants to kill one of the game's biggest enemy ships, a Nyx Supercarrier, with the game's smallest, Frigates. You can view the all-out chaos that resulted in the 17-minute video above.

Eve Online players are no strangers to massive conflicts. Earlier this year, more than 2,800 players joined a humongous battle sparked by a lone ship accidentally jumping into enemy territory. In an effort to bring Eve Online's player-driven world to life, CCP is developing a TV show and comic book series based on true, player-submitted stories.