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The Realm behind-the-scenes explores the character design of a girl and her stone golem

Atomhawk and Lantern Interactive have released a new Kickstarter update to their crowd-funded adventure game The Realm examining the design process of the main characters Sarina and Toru.

In the video, concept artist Charlie Bowater walks viewers through her design process. Human protagonist Sarina went through "a few stages," with a young, fragile-seeming design being slightly aged up and changed to make it seem like she could take care of herself. She was designed as "the average kid you might know," or a player's younger sister or cousin, and Bowater says she was careful to keep her as a "happy" character.

Toru, the massive stone golem that is Sarina's companion, was designed to look very innocent and friendly despite his size. He's supposed to be unsure of the world around him, says Bowater, lending weight to his relationship with the much smaller Sarina as they help each other out exploring the world.

In a prior Kickstarter update, the developers showed off how they built the world and the game's environments.

The Realm currently sits at £54,951 ($85,515) pledged of its £195,000 ($303,459) goal with 13 days remaining. If it reaches its funding goal, the game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. The Realm is also collecting votes to appear on Steam Greenlight.

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