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MLB 2K12 whistleblower wins $25,000 in 2K13 tournament

Scott Young, one of 30 winners of this year's MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge, is also the player who brought attention last year to an exploit that has since been removed from the revamped tournament, Kotaku reports.

Last year, Young came in 10th place in the $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge. Young told Kotaku last year that another contestant, William Haff, substituted the opposing team's best hitters to secure his place in last year's tournament.

Pitching for the Chicago White Sox this year, Young threw a perfect game and earned a score of 781 and a real-life award of $25,000. Haff also won $25,000 this year, throwing the highest scored perfect game for the Cincinnati Reds.

To secure his place in the tournament, which began April 1 with rule changes and focused on the best pitched game for each MLB team, Young played when he got home from work. His girlfriend, who he told Kotaku was "so cool about this," would often watch his daughter as he pitched for perfection.

"With about two weeks left, I really thought about quitting," he said. "She said, 'You know what, take the day off, settle down, and see how you feel."

The night of her pep talk, Young threw his perfect game.

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