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Might and Magic Heroes 6 maintenance complete, glitches fixed

Might and Magic Heroes 6, Ubisoft's turn-based strategy game, has completed maintenance and will no longer suffer from its previous issues with crashes and missing content, Ubisoft announced on its forums.

The post informs readers that all fixes should be effective within a maximum of 24 hours, and that those who just activated keys will be able to access the game.

"We have fixed the authorization issues for every specific version of the game," the post reads. "Your content is now unlocked, so please reboot the game in order to apply the modifications."

Players started spotting problems with Might and Magic Heroes 6 following the release of patch 2.1, which is thought to have been a possible factor. Key complaints included trouble launching the game, the inability to save and invalid game keys.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 launched in 2011 for Windows PC.

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