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Second Fez remix album FZ: Side Z released

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The second album of Fez soundtrack remixes from composer Disasterpeace and 18 various artists is now available through Bandcamp and Loudr. The album, titled FZ: Side Z, is the follow-up to the FZ: Side F, which was released on April 20.

FZ: Side Z features 24 remixes from artists including Brent Kennedy, scntfc, Josh Whelchel and Pixlejunk 4am musician Baiyon. The album is available for purchase, starting at $5, from Bandcamp. On Loudr, Fez fans can purchase the album alongside FZ: Side F and the original Fez soundtrack for $12.

The Side Z tracklisting is as follows:

1. scntfc - "Legend"
2. My Boy Elroy - "Nocturne (Full Life Remix)"
3. Decktonic - "Forgotten (Future Techno Remix)"
4. Whitaker Trebella - "Adventuring on Home"
5. bignic - "Pressure"
6. Ben Prunty - "Igneous Tor"
7. Joshua Morse - "Onward via Rotation"
8. aivi & surasshu - "Come Back"
9. Tettix - "Fear (Immersion Therapy Mix)"
10. Scattle - "Forgotten (FZ Edit)"
11. Big Giant Circles - "Drain Pipe"
12. BR1GHT PR1MATE - "Great Adventure"
13. Josh Whelchel - "Monolith (feat. Amanda Appiarius)"
14. Brent Kennedy - "Beacon"
15. Disasterpeace - "FZ: Side E - "Fin"
16. Disasterpeace - "FZ: Side E - "Loom"
17. Disasterpeace - "FZ: Side E - "Trail"
18. Disasterpeace - "FZ: Side E - "Night"
19. Disasterpeace - "FZ: Side E - "Launch"
20. Chipocrite - "Adventure (DMGmix)"
21. Steve McCullough - "Home"
22. Souleye - "Pulse of Adventure"
23. Brent Kennedy - "Home"
24. Baiyon - "Adventure (Charro Negro Remix)"

Fez was originally released on Xbox Live Arcade in April 2012. A Windows PC port was released earlier this month. Developer Polytron has indicated that additional ports for Mac and Linux are en route.