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Devolver Digital hints at new Shadow Warrior game with Blade Analyzer Pro

In conjunction with fictional Shadow Warrior conglomerate, Zilla Enterprises, Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital introduced a jocular sword cataloging program called Blade Analyzer Pro to Steam Greenlight, hinting at a possible upcoming Shadow Warrior game.

The 3D Realms-developed first-person shooter was published in 1997 by GT Interactive for Windows PC and Mac. An iOS version was released in December, 2012. The game's story centers on ex-Zilla bodyguard Lo Wang as he seeks to stop his former boss, Master Zilla, from conquering Japan.

According to Devolver Digital, Blade Analyzer Pro was developed for private use by fictional Zilla Enterprises founder and chairman, Orochi Zilla. The joke sword analyzer uses a PC's camera to scan swords or knives to cross-reference it with a "robust database of blades to analyze and identify any item in your collection." According to the Greenlight page, Zilla Enterprises are particularly interested in locating the Nobitsura Kage blade.

"The curators of my private collection have used a form of this software for several years in an effort to help me thoroughly catalog and complete my collection," said Zilla, the Shadow Warrior protagonist. "It's my personal hope that the widespread use this more consumer-friendly version of the software will help me find and acquire some of the more rare blades that have eluded me over the years."

Blade Analyzer Pro is set to launch in fall 2013 on Windows PC. Polygon contacted Devolver Digital about the possible new Shadow Warrior game and will update as more information comes to hand.