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Dungeon Defenders 2 hero showcase reveals the Apprentice

The first hero reveal trailer for Trendy Entertainment's tower defense action role-playing game, Dungeon Defenders 2, showcases the Apprentice hero in action during the game's competitive mode.

The Apprentice's skills include Flame Bolt that strikes all enemies it is aimed at and a Storm Strike that rains down lightning strikes upon the ground.

The hero also posses Overcharge that grants a 3% cooldown reduction per rank to abilities, but enhances the hero's next spell when activated, and a Mana Bomb that releases a pulse of energy, damaging enemies within range.

In-depth details about the Apprentice's skills and backstory are located on the hero's page.

The new competitive mode is a multiplayer online battle arena where five players must protect their respective towers from the other players. Alpha gameplay footage of Dungeon Defenders 2's cooperative mode was released in March and more information about it will be revealed in the near future. Heroes, pets and items are transferable across both modes.

Dungeon Defenders 2 was announced in March for Windows PC, Mac, Android and web platforms.

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