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Star Trek Online dev blog details Romulan Republic personnel, expansion beta opens May 10

Perfect World Entertainment detailed the Romulan Republic personnel in Star Trek Online's upcoming expansion, Legacy of Romulus, in a recent dev blog on the game's official site.

In the new expansion, players can chose to be a Federation, Klingon Empire, or Romulan Republic captain. Romulan Republic faction players have access to faction-specific Bridge and Duty Officers, that can only be used by Romulan Captains.

Romulan players can get access to Duty Officers by conducting recruitment assignments offered by the Duty Officer Recruitment contact located at New Romulus Command. Bridge Officers are recruited a number of ways, such as through New Romulus Command when players level up. You can check out the dev blog for the full details.

Beginning May 10, the expansion will be available as an Open Beta on Star Trek Online's test server, Tribble. Interested parties can register for an account on the game's website.

Legacy of Romulus is set for a May 21 launch. Perfect World Entertainment recently outlined its tier of special player rewards, pre-order bonuses, a new playable species called the Reman and Romulan ship progression.