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The Brothers Rapture brings BioShock to life in live-action short film

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A short film based around BioShock's underwater city is in the works by a group of Canadian film students.

The teaser trailer for The Brothers Rapture offers a glimpse at what will be seen in full if the project's Indiegogo funding goal of a mere $1,500 goes through. Funding will be used toward the production of the film, including production design, make up artists and supplies, special FX artists and sound mixing.

"To undertake a project this big, it takes a lot of resources," reads the donation page. "We'll need a large crew of students. We're going to build a complete set, to capture the unique look and feel of this world. That's what your generous donations will go toward. Everything you donate will be used to improve our show in every possible way."

The short trailer depicts the relationship between two brothers behind the "gene altering superdrug" that propels the rise and fall of Rapture.

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