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Relive Watergate with a fictional twist in this point-and-click adventure game

A new web-based point-and-click adventure game lets players relive the events of Watergate, giving players control of investigative journalist Bob Woodward as he attempts to unravel the intrigue.

Speaking with Motherboard, creator Samuel Kim said the game is modeled after Shadowgate, an adventure game published in 1987 for the Apple Macintosh computer.

"A friend and I were drinking and reminiscing about old video games — as man-children from the 80s do — and the idea sprang from an offhand joke: 'Hey, there ought to be a sequel to Shadowgate called Watergate!' Kim said of the game's creation.

Kim said the game is meant as "an affectionate tribute" to Woodward's work and draws heavily from Woodward and fellow journalist Carl Bernstein's All the President's Men, the non-fiction book chronicling Watergate's events.

The game follows Woodward on his search for clues and adds some colorful fictional elements to the story, such as broadswords and a quest to unearth the corpse of dog Checkers Nixon.

"Originally, I wanted to pay homage to old school investigative journalism, which is why a large part of the gameplay revolves around careful observation and calling up leads on the telephone," he said. "Then I realized that 'old school investigative journalism' made for a soul-crushingly boring video game, so I decided to take some teensy liberties with history."

Interested players can check out Kim's Watergate: The Game here.

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