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Battlefield 3 and Battlelog DDOS attack continues, upcoming double XP event postponed

DICE and EA are still working to resolve issues with servers for Battlefield 3 and the Battelog service resulting from an ongoing denial-of-service attack, according to posts on the Battlelog forums.

Severs for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game crashed late Tuesday night after an attack aimed at them by an outside party. DICE temporarily took the servers offline to reconfigure and perform "emergency maintenance," but the issues have persisted since they have been put back up.

"The current Battlefield 3 outages are a result of activity that appears to be aimed at overwhelming our back-end infrastructure," a representative for EA posted on the forums. "We are working on a variety of solutions to address this problem and are focused on resolution as quickly as possible."

The last post on the dedicated thread for the outages states that EA is still working to fix problems with the servers. According to the posting representative, the attack was focused on bringing down Battlefield 3's multitplayer mode, and assured players that no user data was compromised.

"Despite our security measures, we have been working around the clock to mitigate the impact of an ongoing denial-of-service attack on our Battlefield 3 game infrastructure over the last several days," reads the post. "While the motives are unclear, the focus of the attack has been interference with network communications preventing access to multiplayer gameplay. At this point, no user data is involved."

EA stated it would perform rolling restarts of Battlefield servers and launch updates in an effort to correct the issues. Additionally, a tweet from the Battlefield Twitter account announced the Battlefield 3 double XP event scheduled for May 9 through 13 would be postponed until further notice.

Updates on the situation will be provided on the Battlelog forums and the official Battlefield Twitter.

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