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Saint's Row 4 gameplay walkthrough shows off super-powered combat to the tune of a dubstep gun

Volition has released a new gameplay video for the upcoming open-world Saint's Row 4, narrated by the game's senior producer Jim Boone.

The video is the demo that Volition showed at PAX East back in March, this time with added commentary. In it, the leader of the Saints — who has since become the President of the United States — is trapped in a twisted virtual version of Steelport by an evil alien race called the Zin.

In the walkthrough, Boone shows off some of Saint's Row 4's more ridiculous weaponry, like a gun that inflates enemies until they burst or a gun that literally shoots dubstep music. We also see the game's upgrade shops, where the player can customize a weapon's performance by boosting its damage or rate of fire. The design of weapon can now also be changed; the video shows a rocket launcher being transformed into a lethal guitar case.

The player character also has super powers in this game, and the video shows him running and jumping at super speed through Steelport, beating the Zin into pulp in bloody melee combat, and freezing cars and pedestrians with an energy blast.

Saint's Row 4 hits Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this August.

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