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Former 'Tron Legacy,' '300' SFX artists create open-world survival horror title The Forest

SKS Games, a Vancouver studio made up of special effects artists whose portfolios include the films 300 and Tron Legacy, have posted their in-development open-world survival horror title, The Forest, on Steam Greenlight.

Players begin alone in a forest, the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash. To keep living, players must fell trees, build a fire and a place to sleep and scavenge for food.

As players explore the eerie forest and its connected network of underground lakes and caves, they will also need to set traps and learn to defend themselves again a race of cannibalistic mutants. Players can evade, hide or even engage them directly, seeking them out for an offensive fight.

According to the Greenlight page, the game will feature changing weather patterns, a day/night cycle and growth cycles for plant life. The Forest also includes support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

SKS's Mick Solomons told Eurogamer that The Forest draws from cult classic horror movies, including the 1980 Italian film Cannibal Holocaust and the 2005 British horror flick The Descent. Players will be able to combat the mutants with crude weapons built from the materials they find or go the stealth route to avoid them. Solomons said these cannibals also retain their own "beliefs, families and morals."

Check out more screenshots and vote for The Forest on its Greenlight page.

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