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Rockstar's violent stealth game Manhunt hits PlayStation Store May 14, Warriors to come

Manhunt, Rockstar North's bloody PlayStation 2-era stealth/horror mashup, will be available in the PlayStation Store Tuesday, May 14, and The Warriors will follow, according to a post on Rockstar Games' website.

The $9.99 game, which was released for PS2 in 2003 as well as Xbox and Windows PC in 2004, follows the story of an inmate on death row forced to participate in some violent and deadly filmmaking. It will be available in Europe on PSN on May 15.

The game's graphic depictions have stirred controversy since its release. It was once linked to a 2004 U.K. murder, but those links were later disavowed. Manhunt was banned in Australia in 2004. Last year, news reports about a Russian lawyer who killed five people and injured two others linked him to the game.

Rockstar also announced that The Warriors, a 2005 beat-em-up, is headed to PSN "soon."

You can check out Manhunt's original 2003 trailer, courtesy of YouTube user manhuntcut, below.

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