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Star Wars: A New Hope opening sequence recreated in Minecraft

YouTube user "Paradise Decay," Star Wars and Minecraft enthusiast, recreated the first five minutes of Star Wars: A New Hope in Minecraft.

The fan film's creator Grahame Skeavington wrote that it is a work in progress, no mods were used in the film's creation and that he used a modified version of Minecraft architect StickFro's Star Destroyer schematic.

The fan film was created in memory of Skeavington's father, who passed away recently. As he remembers in the end credits: "He took me to see Star Wars in 1977, we had pancakes, watched the film and he even bought me the ‘Millenium Falcon' model."

Paradise Decay has also recreated other Star Wars sequences in Minecraft, such as the Death Star Run and Battle for Hoth.

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