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Indie X-Com remake Xenonauts launches for Steam Early Access

A beta version of Xenonauts, Chris England's indie spiritual successor to X-Com from the 1990s, is available for purchase now through Steam Early Access.

In Xenonauts, players control a multi-national military organization as they attempt to protect Earth from an alien invasion. The game takes place during the Cold War-era. As a spiritual successor, Xenonauts' goal is to add new content, improve visuals and update the interface while "still retaining all of the key mechanics of the original game."

Because the game is still in beta, it will continue to be updated until complete. Buyers should beware that major updates will render previous saves incompatible, and that the game may have majors bugs in its early version.

The beta costs $19.99 and is available only on Windows PC. Steam Early Access launched in March of this year. It provides users with access to games still in development and includes titles such as Prison Architect, Arma 3 and StarForge.

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