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Twitch launching dev tools for video sharing and creation, will be included in Company of Heroes 2

Video platform Twitch will launch a new open development kit that will let studios add video sharing and creation tools to their games, Twitch announced today.

The toolset features support for Unity PC broadcasting and an updated version of Twitch's software development kit that will allow developers to collect game data and create content tailored to what's currently popular within a game's community.

These tools can be used to identify and showcase the top videos for a title, promote popular content and videos the fit with trends, create a catalog of highlights from players' games and help develop a game's pre-existing social network pages.

"Much of the appeal of live video game broadcasting is like the appeal of traditional sports broadcasting," said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear in a press statement. "Spectators and players love to watch and re-watch the very best moments, but having access to deep statistics about the game makes it all the better. With our new SDK, developers will be able to share events and statistics about what's going on in the game alongside the video itself. All kinds of things will be available, from what map a broadcasted game was on to a running total of the number of bricks ever placed. There's huge room for creativity here from both developers and players."

Developer Relic Entertainment also revealed these tools would be integrated into upcoming PC strategy title Company of Heroes 2.

"Our community has been asking for better video tools and we are delighted to be able to deliver them with the integration of Twitch into Company of Heroes 2," said Relic producer Greg Wilson. "We are able offer exciting new features like post-match highlight videos, direct game capture and much more."

Last month, Twitch announced the launch of a dedicated app for Xbox 360 Gold members. Earlier in the year the company also announced partnerships with Activision and Ubisoft to add its in-game streaming tools to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, TrackMania 2: Canyon and ShootMania Storm.

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