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Minecraft launching for Xbox One (Update)

Minecraft, Mojang's crafting heavy open-world game, will launch for Xbox One, Phil Harrison announced during Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference.

A release date or a price were not announced for Minecraft Xbox One Edition. The game was released on the console's predecessor, the Xbox 360, in 2012.

Update: Mojang's Markus "notch" Persson tells Polygon that 4J Studios, the people behind the Xbox 360 version of the game, will also be developing the Xbox One version.

Update 2: Minecraft's Carl Manneh tells us that the Xbox One edition of the game will be "developed in the same manner as the Xbox 360 version. We will keep updating the game as long as people are playing (and buying) it."

No word yet on whether Minecraft's upcoming official server service, Realms, will be coming to the Xbox One version of the game.

"Realms will be out for PC and mobile first," Manneh said. "We're discussing with Microsoft, but I don't have an answer yet I'm afraid. "

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