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Need For Speed Rivals' tablet integration demoed during EA's E3 press conference

At its conference, Electronic Arts showed off Need For Speed Rivals' cross-platform integration, in which players can affect in-game multiplayer races from iOS and Android devices. Using a tablet, a demonstration showed how a player can call in helicopter support during a cops-vs-racers car-chase.

Need For Speed Rivals focuses on open-world racing, vehicular customization and seamless multiplayer or co-op gameplay. The game uses the AllDrive system of connecting with other players. Upgrades are unlocked by collecting 'Speedpoints' via missions.

It's being developed by EA's new studio Ghost Games, taking over from Criterion Studios, which created last year's well-received Need For Speed Most Wanted. Previous trailers emphasized arcade action takedowns in which the player could take on the role of cop or racer. The current gen launch-date is November 19.

Marcus Nilsson from Ghost Games said, "AllDrive destroys the line between single-player and multiplayer. It delivers the unexpected and non-stop action."

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