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Mercenary Kings headed to PS4

Mercenary Kings, the pixelated run-and-gun shooter from Tribute Games, is headed to PlayStation 4, Sony announced at its E3 press conference today.

The four-player co-op game will make its console debut on the next-gen console.

"The game really starts to shine when you play with friends," studio co-founder Jean-François Major wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "A lot of people ask us why we went with split screen over forcing everyone in one screen. With our mission system, we quickly realized we wanted to give players the freedom to split up, and tackle various objectives separately and then possibly meet back up to take on the bigger main objective. Since our levels aren't linear and bosses don't necessarily always appear at the same spot, it's a good idea to split up to find where the boss appeared this time and meet back up once found and take him down together!"

For more on the game, check out Polygon's interview with Tribute Games founder and game designer Jonathan Lavigne from earlier this year.

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