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Sunset Overdrive turns a city ravaged by catastrophe into your playground

Sunset Overdrive's playground

Sunset Overdrive is set in a world that has undergone a catastrophic event that has transformed it into a playground-like environment for the game's main character, according to Insomniac Games CEO, Ted Price.

Speaking to Polygon at an Xbox E3 showcase today, Price said the premise of the story is "you're living in this city that has just gone through a catastrophic event. Most of its inhabitants have been turned into these mutants or have been killed. You, however, have been in a dead end job for a while and you're not experiencing the city as your playground.

"This is a place where you can actually have a lot of fun as you figure out how to deal with these crazy creatures who have shown up overnight."

Price told Polygon that the open-world shooter focuses on agile combat, so players will be doing lots of wall-running, sliding down zip-lines and performing crazy acrobatic moves around the city while participating in combat. He also said the studio wanted to make something irreverent and stylized because "it really reflects who we are as a company."

"With games like Spyro and Ratchet and Clank, it's been a lot of fun for us to build worlds that have a lot of humor and a sense of irreverence, where we can just let loose and do something that is fun for us and fun for the players," he said.

Sunset Overdrive is yet to receive a release date. It will released on Xbox One. No in-game footage has yet been shown.