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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood lets you draw five elements

Max's many materials

The sequel to Max and the Magic Marker, Curse of Brotherhood will allow players to draw five different materials with their magic marker, according to Press Play lead designer Mikkel Martin Pedersen.

In the original Max game, players could use the magic marker to draw lines to create platforms, bridges and heavy objects. The game was a 2D platformer, and the magic marker was limited in what it could do. In Curse of Brotherhood, the game is in 2.5D and the magic marker can draw five materials: earth pillars, branches, vines, fire and water streams.

Each of the materials have different properties. In a demo of the game Polygon played, using the earth property we were able to raise columns of earth to reach high places. When we created vines we were able to swing on them, and tree branches also served as platforms.

According to Pedersen, one of the most interesting parts of the game is combining the elements to solve the puzzles.

"So the earth pillars lift and the veins swing, but when you combine them you find that when you draw a branch, you can attach a vine to it. You can then detach the branch and created a swing.

"Finding ways to solve all the puzzles is very interesting."

Pedersen told Polygon that players will not have access to all their magic marker powers right away and will have to earn them.

The game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade "soon." An official release date has not been announced.

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