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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team trailer teaches kids to hit their brothers with a hammer

A new E3 trailer for Nintendo's 3DS title Mario & Luigi: Dream Team shows the sort of wacky antics the brothers Mario can get up to while in Luigi's dreams.

In the dream world, Mario and Luigi are no longer limited by the bounds of reality. Dozens of Luigis can exist at once, whether providing a platform for Mario to jump on or forming a Katamari-esque ball that he can kick. When the brothers encounter a hole too small for them to enter on their own, Luigi hits Mario over the head with a hammer, causing him to shrink in size.

Dream Team also utilizes the 3DS' double screens, with the lower screen letting the player interact with Luigi as he sleeps. One puzzle shows the player tugging Luigi's mustache in the "real world," stretching a plant-like Luigi in the dream world and allowing Mario to reach another section of the map.

Dream Team hits Nintendo 3DS in July for Australia, Japan and Europe, and August for North America.

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