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Infamous: Second Son's 'pillar' is the relationship between brothers

The relationship between the protagonist of Infamous: Second Son, Delsin, and his older brother Reggie is "absolutely the pillar of the game," game director Nate Fox told Polygon during an E3 preview.

Second Son follows the story of Delsin, a frustrated graffiti artist with special powers. The game's E3 trailer, which was shown during the event, introduces viewers to Delsin's older brother, a small town police officer. According to Fox, Delsin often gets himself into legal trouble and is "maybe a little disappointing to his older brother." During the trailer, Reggie is heard complaining about bailing his brother out of jail.

"Delsin is the 'second son,'" Fox told Polygon. "He's kind of the screwup who hasn't ever been able to achieve like his older brother, who's always on his game. He wants to be somebody, and his brother represents that."

Despite their sibling rivalry, however, the brothers' bond will drive much of the game's story.

"[Reggie] loves Delsin like crazy, but happens to be pretty prejudiced about anybody with powers," Fox said. "That tension is what fuels a lot of character growth in the game."

Infamous: Second Son was announced during Sony's next-gen console unveiling. The game will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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