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Final Fantasy 15 gameplay trailer shows off Noctis' teleportation and a mighty Behemoth foe

A new trailer for Final Fantasy 15 (which was, until yesterday, known as Final Fantasy Versus 13) shows off the game's real-time action-based gameplay, a first for the offline titles in the main Final Fantasy series.

The trailer also shows off a battle with one of Final Fantasy's mainstay monsters, a gigantic horned Behemoth. Noctis is able to jump onto one of the Behemoth's horns and launch himself into the air, though it's unclear whether this is an organic feature of the gameplay or if it's a scripted quicktime event a la God of War. Similarly, in a battle against a giant armored knight, Noctis and allies cripple the knight's sword arm and turn its weapon against it.

The very end of the trailer shows that not all monsters must be fought, as Noctis is able to avoid a fight with a Behemoth by simply staying out of its line of sight.

Final Fantasy 15 will be headed to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.