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Lego Marvel Super Heroes will have a mix of open world and linear levels

Lego Marvel Super Heroes' open world

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will have a combination of open-world level design and tighter, linear levels — similar to Lego City Undercover — according to Marvel Interactive's Chris Baker.

The game is set in New York and players will have the whole of Manhattan at their disposal. Baker told Polygon that characters will be able to free run through the city, interact with the people, buildings and objects and accept mini missions along the way. "You can go anywhere you want in New York City," Baker said.

The game will also have hub areas, which will allow players to experience story-focused sections. In these tightly-designed missions, the player's path is linear and the levels themselves are self-contained, similar to earlier Lego titles like Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones. In one such section shown to Polygon, we were given control of a party of Marvel heroes and were transported to Loki's lair. In this level, we had to take down a giant robot-like enemy who was under Loki's control by switching between characters and taking advantage of their different powers and abilities. The environment was also interactive, which meant we could do things like melt ice and use characters like the Hulk and Thor to smash through cracks in walls.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will release on Windows PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3, 3DS, DS and the PS Vita this fall.

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