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Batman: Arkham Origins' remote claw is a multi-functional tool

Batman: Arkham Origins' remote claw, a new addition to the Dark Knight's utility belt, offered a diverse and multi-functional purpose in a demo we saw today at E3.

Using the remote claw, players can hookshot to different locations and jet across large spaces or high areas. The claw works by snagging one location and firing a second trajectory to another. During the demonstration, Batman was able to snag a suspended rope and perch to observe enemies alone.

The remote claw can also be used to attack enemies. Players need only launch the claw into one enemy and then spear another to knock them together for damage. Enemies can also be linked to nearby objects as well. In one case, Batman shot one enemy and then a propane tank, crashing the two together for a devastating, bomb-like effect.

Arkham Origins will also feature an expansive world twice that of Arkham City, which players can peruse by gliding through or scaling different buildings.

"South Gotham is a completely different experience from the Northern Island," the representative said during the demo. "The buildings are taller. It's a much more upscale area, a commercial area."

The game's tall scaffolding affords Batman several opportunities to hide and hunt during the night. While kneeling above a group of enemies, the player can hone in on targets and tap a button to select a "glide kick" move. The result is a precise, deadly attack.

"Taller buildings means more opportunities for navigation, more divebombing, more gliding," the rep said.

Batman: Arkham Origins will launch Oct. 25 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Windows PC.

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