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The Elder Scrolls Online will segregate PC, Xbox One and PS4 players

Zenimax Online's upcoming multi-platform MMO The Elder Scrolls Online will segregate PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users to their own servers, while PC and Mac users will remain on a single shared server, the studio's Paul Sage told Polygon.

Sage, who works as creative director on the studio's MMO offering, stated that despite recently announcing the title would hit both next-gen platforms as well as Windows PC and Mac, the game will feature three separate server environments to ensure fairness in PvP across all systems as those on PC and Mac will use a mouse and keyboard while console users will have only a controller.

Describing the overall focus on next-gen games development particularly apparent during this year's E3, Sage said the development of titles for Windows PC remains "amazing," adding that PC games development will be unaffected by the surge of interest in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"PC is still untouchable, it's the PC," said Sage. "We're working to perfect UI and gameplay specific to the PC version of Elder Scrolls Online and the console version will have its own UI and be more controller-specific, but PC is going nowhere. "

"I've been in the industry for a long time and I've been hearing PC is dying for years, and then consoles are dying, and then PC is dying again. It's not."

The Elder Scrolls Online is slated to have a simultaneous release on all platforms in spring 2014. The Windows PC release was initially scheduled to launch in late 2013 but will be delayed until this time.

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