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Sony's 'The Playroom' tech demo showcases PlayStation 4 Eye possibilities

A new tech demo from Sony titled The Playroom showcases the PlayStation 4 Eye and the camera's interplay with the PS4's new, light-filled controller, as seen in a trailer released by Sony today.

As seen above, the video shows two players, each with their own PS4 controller, interacting with augmented reality characters in a number of ways. In one demo, a man summons a drone and antagonizes it by swatting in its direction, which the drone counters with a fireball. In another, two players fling tiny robots into their living room using the controller's built-in touchpad. In yet another, the two players engage in a game of futuristic Pong, moving their paddles around an AR playing field projected in front of them.

The Playroom is a playable demo here at E3 — we'll try and track it down, and let you know how it handles in real life. The PlayStation Eye will be sold separately from the PS4, and will cost $59 in North America.

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