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Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure excludes mature characters to be kid-friendly

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure will include more than 2,000 heroes and villains, but players shouldn't expect to see more mature characters, 5th Cell general manager Jospeh Tringali told Polygon during an E3 interview.

Unmasked incorporates characters from the DC universe as part of the game's story, but transforms any violence you'd find in comic books to more classic, goofy style.

"It's comic book violence," Tringali said. "If you go back to the campy 1960s comic book TV shows where there's the onomatopoeia and the different sound effects. It's not dark or bloody or gratuitous. There are some characters we couldn't include because they are more mature DC characters."

Despite the kid-friendly change, DC's bust into the Scribblenauts universe fits in with the game's characters, Tringali said.

"From a story level, [it's] about Maxwell and Lily," Tringali said. "The age that they're at, what they're interested in — comic book characters ... It's a lot about Maxwell and Lily being like, 'Who's the greatest super hero?' And they end up in the DC universe and stumble into stuff."

Tringali added that the wide universe of DC adds "an expansive set" of characters, weapons, vehicles and the relationships between different superheroes and villains.

"You can sort of play on the straights on Scribblenauts, which is making those objects seem as believable as possible," Tringali said.

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