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Watch the highlights of Nintendo's Pokémon X/Y Developer Roundtable here

Nintendo has released a video condensing its Pokémon X & Y developer roundtable down into a neat five minutes.

During the roundtable, the developers — Pokémon Company CEO & president Tsunekazu Ishihara and game director Junichi Masuda — discussed the development of the 3DS titles and the new features they brought to the table. The two talked about the Player Search System, which will make it easier to find online multiplayer, and new types of combat like the aerial Sky Battles and one-versus-five Horde Battles.

The two developers also walked attendees through the process of turning longtime series artist Ken Sugimori's iconic art style into recognizable 3D models.

The roundtable also provided a venue to reveal three new monsters in the Pokémon roster: Fire/Flying-type Talonflame that evolves from the previously-revealed Fletchling,the crab-like Water-type Clauncher, and the Poison/Water-type Skrelp, which pretends to be seaweed before ambushing its foes.

In a Q&A session after their presentation, Ishihara and Masuda said the new Fairy type was introduced to counter the current advantages of the Dragon type, and that the new region of Kalos was loosely based on France because they felt it was a country that had a focus on beauty.

Pokémon X & Y are scheduled to hit 3DS on October 12.

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